EZLY 015 Funky Stuff (13 tracks)

Superfly GuyEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00102'45"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Badass BrothaEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00204'13"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Sister StrutEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00302'33"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Dirty FunkerEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00403'00"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Jungle WomanEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00502'31"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Funky FusionEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00603'50"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Agent F.U.N.K.EZLY 015 Funky Stuff00703'23"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Get High TonightEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00803'23"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
School DazeEZLY 015 Funky Stuff00903'05"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Journey To The Land Of FunkEZLY 015 Funky Stuff01003'21"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Funk OdysseyEZLY 015 Funky Stuff01103'36"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Daytime DreamingEZLY 015 Funky Stuff01203'35"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Funking PartyEZLY 015 Funky Stuff01303'56"EXPDownloadPRJFAV

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